A guide to playing Cursed Treasures 3

Are you having a hard time winning the third installment to the ever popular fun and exciting game series Cursed Treasure? Worry no more because a walkthrough is now available to help you with the game. Packed with tips and tricks that will definitely help you, the walkthrough will also guide you on what to do and why you should do it. Learn new tricks that will protect your gems and towers from evil enemies who are trying to steal from you. The walkthrough will also help you not just settle for a “Good” rank. It will help you achieve the “Brilliant” rank that will only be given to the most exceptional players. To see this walkthrough and all of the tips and tricks to help you succeed in the game, click this link: Cursed Treasure 3 walkthrough
What are you waiting for? Learn the secrets of the game to protect all of your precious gems.

Cursed Treasure 3 walkthrough