Solve the puzzles in Submachine 3: The Loop

Looking for something to challenge you over the weekend? Looking for something to boggle your mind and work up those mind gears? Well then, you are in luck because Submachine is back with more puzzles that will make your head ache in a very good and satisfying game! Filled with difficult, challenging and mind-boggling levels, Submachine 3: The Loop will definitely meet all of your expectations and more. Solve the riddles given to you using the clues that are scattered around the room. Be sure not to ignore or take the coordinates for granted because they will definitely help you solve the puzzles easier. The game is point-and-click so you don’t have to worry yourself about having to learn very complicated controls.
A simple yet an extremely fun and challenging game, Submachine 3: The Loop is definitely something that will keep you up all night. So if you’re looking for puzzles to solve or something to keep your mind occupied, then this definitely is the game for you.

Submachine 3 The Loop