Aim for the Troll Cup in Troll Quest 5

If you had played the Troll Quest game series, you will definitely enjoy another sequel from the famous troll game. Once again boost your problem-solving skills as you help the troll. The fifth installment, Troll Quest 5, consist of twenty challenging levels. Solve each mini puzzle wittily. Your main goal in this sequel is to win the Troll Cup. The game starts where our troll joins the football game. So you can expect football related problem solving in this game.

Trollface Quest 5 (4)

The game is challenging enough but not hard to solve. You will use unusual strategies to progress through it. And as you play the game, challenge yourself to solve each level with the most minimal clicks. And worry not, if ever you got stuck on a level, you can simply click the link and find tricks and tips in solving each mini puzzle.