Appliances Run Amuck:World is in Danger

One of the best action flash game is the Appliances Run Amuck. It is a very exciting game and the gameplay is just fantastic. The household appliances have taken over the whole world. The humanity which we all know is gone. The appliances of Renegade are working their best in oredr to detsroy the whole world. If they succeed there wont be any civilization left. Your name is Mr Toaster and you are the last person left. You must work hard and save our civilization. You must succeed and bring back the greatest resource of the renegades, that is their plugs. You will need to complete many differenet task to save our world. The controls of the Appliances Run Amuck are very easy,just use your arrow keys to move Mr.Toaster. You are the only one who can save the world from these dangerous machines. So give it your best and win.