Build your Own Country Fair

Are you fond of carnival fairs? Then you should definitely try playing Country Fair! You can have the chance to build and run your own fair and operate it with the help of other staffs. You can add several exciting rides. Earn money and build funhouse, merry go round, and other attractions so that people will visit and enjoy while on your fair. You also have helpful staffs that are ready to help you in running your business. They are the mechanics, health worker, sanitation worker and security worker.
Anything you need to build a realistic fair is here. But remember that just like a real carnival fair, you need to keep your fair successful by assuring that the people will enjoy when visiting. You can enjoy playing this with very festive and lively music. You will definitely feel that you are on the site enjoying you own fair. Go and build your own country fair right now and let everyone enjoy your carnival!

County Fair