Colliderix: The Physics Game

Do you want to be challenged by just sitting down? Sharpen you critical and tactful mind by playing a flash game that involves physics. Colliderix is the flash game for people who are tired of the usual puzzle games. Feel genius by completing all the levels. In this flash game, there would be green and red balls. Per level, there could either be both colors, or there could be only one color. Two pairs per color would be there. Your goal there is to let the same colored balls touch each other.
You must tap the wooden platforms to remove them. But timing must be strongly considered in this game. Removing the platforms will make way for the same colored balls to touch each other, but If your timing is not right, the balls might fall. Every level has different obstacles. Tactical skills will be tested here. Be as fast as you can to earn a higher score. Train your nerves with Colliderix.

Colliderix (2)