earn to die 2 online game

If you enjoy playing zombie games, you will surely love the Earn To Die game series. The town you live in was invaded by the zombie. You are one of the few survivors and you should get out of the city for it is unsafe to stay now. The journey will not be easy and safe; zombies will try to stop you. So you will either shoot them or plow them.


in Earn to Die 2 Exodus, the game starts with a video showing that the survivor had reached the helicopter and was able to escape from the packs of zombies. However, the zombies were able to bring down the helicopter. Thinking of a way to escape, the survivor saw a map. The place looks like a safe haven free from the zombies and he aims to get there. Once again, you need a vehicle to reach the place.

Your first car is the Beginner Car. Run as far as the car can. The road is not smooth, aside from being on the hills, it is bumpy. Along your way, you will be plowing zombies. A run is equal to a day. You will be earning cash base on the distance you’ve run and the number of zombies you have killed. At the end of the day, you can upgrade your car. There are seven things to upgrade in your car: the engine, transmission, wheels, gun, boost, armor and the fuel tank. Upgrading these items will improve the capability of your car.

Your first car will not make it to your destination even if fully upgraded. When you have earned enough, you can buy the next vehicle which is better than the first. However, the second vehicle will also not make it to the end even when fully upgraded. The third vehicle will make it to the end when fully upgraded. Buying the second vehicle is not a prerequisite to by the third. As long as you have the cash, you can buy the last vehicle.

Earn to Die 2 is an exciting challenging racing game. If you love zombie games, you will be addicted to it. What more, you can play it for free at http://www.earntodie4.org/earn-to-die-2/.