Eliminate the inhabitants in Crush The Castle 3

Crush the Castle 3 is the third installment from the fantastic game series called Crush the Castle. Since this is already the third offering of the series, you can expect for a lot of improvements and developments from the aesthetics and gameplay. But before that, let us tackle two reasons why you will love this particular game. First is because of the fact that it incorporates the medieval period which is very popular in most movies, television series and flash games. Second is because of the additional twist with the objective of the game. You will find out all the answers or explanations if you will continue reading the entirety of this article.

Crush The Castle 3 (5)

As mentioned earlier, there will be an additional twist with the player’s objective which is usually about crushing or destroying the castles. In this new version, the player will not only destroy the castles but also eliminate the inhabitants which are sick with a particular virus that could spread in the Kingdom. Use your trebuchet as the Siege Master and complete your task as much as possible. Play this game at www.crushthecastle4.net/crush-the-castle-3.