Enjoy all games in Scary Maze Game World

If you enjoy playing mazes and also like scary games, Scary Maze Game World is the place to go at www.scarymazegameworld.com. It is the official website of the Scary Maze game series. There you will find all twelve versions of the game from Scary Maze Game 1 till Scary Maze Game 10, Scary Maze DX and Scary Maze Halloween.

In all these Scary Maze games, the challenge is to guide the subject from the beginning of the maze until the end without touching the sides of the maze no matter how narrow or wide the path is. These games also test your hand and eye coordination and how much you could concentrate. And after playing each game, you can share the game with family and friends for them to experience the fun. Just beware that these games are not for people who has weak heart or has heart conditions.

Scary Maze Game (3)