Furtive Dao: rescue the fallen Red Panda

Fictional games are often played in high priced game medium. A lot of people have to save up thousands to enjoy such games. In fact, other people go for few hour rentals to enjoy them. But free games are more convenient and fancy. You can enjoy them with friends or individually. With Furtive Dao, you can enjoy action and puzzle game.


This ninja inspired game uses animal as main characters. The story line goes with a group of animals living in a shelter is in danger of losing home because it needs repair. Therefore, you have to fight the enemy and collect coins to fund the renovation. The controls are not complicated. It only needs to be clicked within the screen map so your player can dash through items or goons. But like Tenchu the Stealth Assassin of Playstation, Furtive Dao is ninja. Once the enemy detects you, it will be lost. This game is so cool.