Have fun on adventure with crush the castle 4

If you do enjoy playing physics-based games, you must have been playing Crush the Castle game series. In its fourth installment, Crush the Castle 4 Adventures, the Redvonian king had finally found the love of his life. However, she is quite hard to impress. The king thought of a plan for world domination in the hopes to impress her. He wants to prove her he is worthy of her love by conquering nearby lands. Use the giant trebuchet to destroy castles and kill all its inhabitants.

crush the castle 4 (1)

There are over one hundred levels which are divided though nine maps: Greenshire with eight levels, Muddy March with nine levels, Blue Peaks with ten levels, Shadow Wastelands with eleven levels, Little Canyon with twelve levels, thirteen levels for Lost Shores, Forest of Yeti with fourteen levels, Stonegate City with fifteen levels, Grim Forest with fifteen levels. Visit Nicole’s homepage to know more. You can play the game for free in flash games sites that offer it.