Help Cactus Mccoy 3 again

If you are enjoying adventure games, try playing Cactus McCoy game series. Cactus Mccoy was an ordinary treasure hunter who, unaware of the curse of an artifact, turned into a cactus after successfully hunting and grabbing the jeweled cactus. But he continued in his journey and seeks more mysterious artifacts. As he go on, he encounters more enemies who wants to get hold of the powerful artifacts.


In Cactus Mccoy 3, he found an artifacts but also ended up in the hands of his enemies. He was able to hide the artifact within the Canyon but he must return for it before his enemies found it first. Help Cactus McCoy escape the dangerous canyon filled with booby traps and puzzling paths that lead to dead ends. Choose from different game modes such as the Normal Mode and Boss Fight Mode and earn special rewards and achievements.