Help the mouse in the Cheese Barn

Are you fond of playing mind games? Enjoy directing the mouse in the game Cheese Barn. The mouse is hungry. It can see a delicious cheese ahead. Help him get his favorite food. But do not let him be caught in the mouse trap. And he can only jump a step up, never two.

Cheese Barn (3)

You can move the crate with an X mark either left or right or drop it on bottles. Cheese Barn is a simple yet very addicting and challenging game. There are twenty seven levels to enjoy playing. But the first nine levels are for tutorials. The second nine levels, levels 10-18, are the normal mode. And the last nine levels, levels 19-27, are the hard mode. You can only unlock higher levels after you have solved the current one. If you want more, you can download the game for free on your Apple and Android devices.