Monster development in Effing Worms

Worms are not just ordinary living things but a beneficial one. It can be used as bait when fishing instead of using illegal ways or methods such as cyanide and dynamite fishing. It can also be a good source of protein when correctly processed and cleaned. They can also be characters in flash games like the one called Effing Worms. Gamers will surely like this very interesting game.


Obviously, this is about a worm but a different kind. To know its kind and the objective of the game, scan the following paragraph for your learnings. The one that you will be dealing with or rather playing with in this game is not an ordinary worm but an enormous one. As a player, your responsibility is to feed it so that it will not die. Navigate and guide the enormous work from digging deep down the ground towards the place where people and animals are present. Catch the necessary amount of food needed in each level to complete the game. You can search for its new address if you want to know more details about Effing Worms.