Prepare For Dancing In Baby Bonnie Ballerina

Girls get ready for a game just for your taste. This game is suited for kids of very young age and they will love it. In Baby bonnie ballerina you will be preparing a cute little baby girl to become ballerina. You will bathe her, play with her, change the dippers and all the things to make your baby happy an pretty.
It has very simple controls and it isn’t hard to play since there will be some arrows guiding you through the game. You will also pick a haircut and a hair color for your baby and make it even more beautiful. There will also be some great hair accessories for you to choose. In the clothing option you will see some awesome outfits for your baby. You can make her look just the way you want. The game has 3 phases before your baby is prepared for dancing. Girls will definitely like this game!

Baby Bonnie Ballerina (2)