Pull out your most unusual trick in Trollface Quest 2

The master troll is back and now looking for a key in Trollface Quest 2. Help Derp and his friend trollbird open the chest they found, but first they have to get past through bouncers, pet owners and metal detectors to meet and get the key from the pirate captain. Induce yourself with troll ideas and strategies to get past and proceed to the next level.

Thinking outside the box would be an understatement of what you need to finish the game. Embark on a different kind of adventure and troll! Aside from the left clicker on the mouse there are no other controls in the game. You only need to click on items and on objects to use them. The solutions are insane and you will laugh at yourself after discovering how the stage will go. There are also stages on Trollface Quest 2 that are not part of the story, but it is just plain trolling of Derp on his friend trollbird. Finishing something not related to the game is not fun but since it is a troll title you will find it hilarious. There are also some scenes that are derived from famous movie scenes, like how a famous ship crashed to a gigantic iceberg, of course Derp pulls something off and gets through it like a boss without getting hurt. There are no clues on how would you finish the stage but no worries, since there are no time limits and lives that you think of. If you screw up the job or clicked a wrong item the stage will be considered failed and you have to restart. You will have a lot of time exploring and experimenting before getting it right and proceeding to the next stage.

There are no upgrades and unlockables in the Trollface Quest 2, you will just play along the storyline throughout the game. Try trolling at http://trollfacequest2.com/play-trollface-quest-2.

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