Raft Wars Walkthrough for Perfection

Raft Wars is not a game that would make you think so hard. It actually is a stress-free game. Although there might be some levels which you may find difficult, the game in general is not difficult to play. In fact, it is even enticing. But you might think what the walkthrough is for? Well for some players, just passing through levels is not enough. Some players want to get the trophies or the perfect score.
In this game, you also do not see your opponent directly. The walkthrough will guide you on how to properly estimate your shot and what to upgrade or buy. Knowing when and where to give your shot to defeat the foes will help you get a trophy or get a perfect score. If you want to get the perfect score, check the Raft Wars Walkthrough and play the game for free.

Raft Wars Walkthrough (4)