Release your wrath in Skull Kid

Have you ever been bullied whether in school or at work? Was there a time that you want to punch the bullies but you are able to control yourself because it is bad? There are people who like to bully a particular person for no good reason. The reaction or feeling of the bullied individual is either make a revenge or keep quiet. Bullying is not a good thing at all and should be stopped as soon as possible. But if you want to release certain anger or disappointment with a particular person, you can enjoy playing the flash game called Skull Kid. Visit for more details.
This is a good and safe way to release your anger. The scenario in this game is that you are a former office worker who wants to get revenge to all the people who have bullied you in the past. You can enjoy three levels. You just have to kill all your former officemates. This game is a virtual medium to release your anger.