Save the princess in 3 Foot Ninja II

If you have played and enjoyed 3 Foot Ninja, you will surely enjoy its third sequel of fighting and saving lives. Help the little ninja in his quest to defeat the Dark Lords and his armies. Start saving and defending people by helping the southern lands in the recovery of their princess and their lands.

Use the arrow keys to move little ninja. Press up and left keys or up and right keys together for special moves. Press letters A, S and D to slash your sword. Press Spacebar to crouch and block. As you play, break crates for they may contain helpful potions like the Health potion, the Stamina potion and the Invisibility potion. Find four Golden Scarabs too for a bonus at the end of the game. 3 Foot Ninja II is an action strategy game. Can you defeat the enemies and retrieve the princess?

3 Foot Ninja II (4)