Shoot balls in Red Ball 6

Red Ball 6 is the sixth edition of the game series Red Ball. The series has been very successful because of three reasons. First is because it involves shapes like squares and circles which are suitable to everyone. Second is because every edition offers different goals such as saving the lover, saving the world and passing through obstacles. Last is because of different features, which are presented in every edition.
Red Ball 6 surely offers something new in the table. To know what it is, continue reading this content. The aim of this game is to shoot many red balls as much as possible on the opponents basket without getting hurt or worst is to die. The player needs to strategize in order to precisely get the red balls and shoot them on the opponent’s basket. There are blocks that will try to hurdle or hinder the player to reach the red balls so the player needs to observe and think of a better way to pass through them. Red Ball 6 is a completely amazing game with a unique aim or goal compared to other flash games.

Red Ball 6