Train and race in Duck Life

Do you like animals? Do you enjoy taking care of them? Do you enjoy farm life? Are you looking for a racing game? If your answer to all of these questions is yes, then the Duck Life game series is for you. The story began in the first game – Duck Life 1.

In the first game – Duck Life 1 you were a farm owner. Unfortunately, a great tornado destroyed everything in your farm. All crops, livestock and even buildings were demolished. Miraculously, only one duck egg was left unharmed. Devastated of what had happened, you were determined to train the duckling from the moment it hatched to be a good racer. Duck racing is a popular thing in your place. You intend to use the winnings in reestablishing your once beautiful farm.

Your endurance with pets will be put into test. You will train the duckling in three skills. Train it to be fast in running, fast in flying and fast in swimming. At the top of your Main Menu screen, you will find the different tabs: Enter Race, Train Running, Train Flying and Train Swimming. At the top left, you will see the levels of your energy, running, flying and swimming. Like in any race game, you must train first before entering a race. When you win first place in a race, you win a specific amount of coins and unlocks a hat style or a duck color. There are various races to join, each held in various places. Try to collect all coins too while training. You can use these coins to buy seeds which are also the food of your duckling.


In the Duck Shop of the first game – Duck Life 1, you can buy seeds, hats and duck colors. The hats and duck colors do not help your duck athletically, only to make it cute and trendy. There are two kinds of seeds: one is the ordinary seed and the skill seed. The ordinary seed which you can buy for one coin increases your energy level. While the skill seed which you can buy for ten coins increases not only your energy level but also your skills levels.