Upgrade your Strike Force Heroes

If you have played the first and second installments of the Strike Force Heroes game series, surely you will ask for more. The action-packed shooting game is back on its third sequel, Strike Force Heroes 3. And this time, you can have fun with family, friends and even other players all over the world by playing online. Enjoy hours of playing in the different game modes.

In this installment, GlobeX in its aim to destroy the world, made clone army led by clones of strike force heroes. As the only one not under control yet, you are tasked to end the GlobeX nightmare. Do this by finding your former squadmates and assembling a team to fight off the GlobeX evil plan.

Strike Force Heroes (1)

You play as the captain of a military team. Your main goal is to protect territories and capturing enemy terrains. Being the captain, the decision is all yours from choosing your teammates to the colors of their uniforms.

You will be completing fifty missions in this version. The difficulty level of the first twenty missions is normal. Missions twenty one to twenty eight are hard levels and the rest of the missions are the most difficult missions. Each mission is different from one another in objectives and rewards. Among the rewards are cash, unlocking new strike force heroes and unlocking the next mission together with its rewards. Spend the cash for your heroes’ upgrades and accessories.

There are several classes of strike force heroes in the game. Some of them are the Engineer, the Gunslinger and the Strife. Each class of hero has its own basic statistics that includes health, critical hit chance, AI aggression, AI aim and AI mobility. And each class of here also has traits. Some of them can automatically regenerate health points, the speed to respawn after a death and a lot more. These traits could also be a weakness to the squad. Every class of hero earns experience points according to their performance. When they have earned enough experience points, they level up. Their levels determined the upgrades available for them. Every hero has their specific primary and secondary weapons and Mods too.