vex 2 unblocked games

If you are to play the Vex game series, you must be ready to run fast with high caution. You should finish every level as fast as possible but you should also be very careful for there are a lot of deadly obstacles along your way. Just a little touch will kill the stick figure. And in the second installment, VEX 2, help the stick figure once again to get through each level. This time, there are more traps and obstacles scattered on your way to the end of the level.

In VEX 2, you will be running, jumping and sliding in a more stylish way. You will be more acrobatic more than ever. And remember that when you get in the water to swim, your breath is limited. You should get out fast before the indicator bar on the stick figure’s head run off. Naturally, if you lose breath, you will die.

There are ten levels, or better known as Acts, to get the stick figure to the end of each level. In every Acts, there are also checkpoints symbolized by red flags. You must run over these red flags and not just jump over them. In case you die, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you had ran over.

In the Stage Builder Mode, you can build your own stage and show your own style. However, you should play in the Play Mode first to unlock building packs which contains platforms, obstacles and objects. An improvement in VEX 2 is the Achievements Room. There are twenty nine Achievements to complete. Challenge yourself to get the seventh Achievements by collecting at least three stars. Yet, stars are not that easy to get in the game.


If Vex 1 had been challenging enough for you, Vex 2 will give you more challenges and obstacles to overcome. It will definitely be more fun though especially after you finish the game without any help from anyone or even from the internet. Play VEX 2 for free at sites that offer free gaming experience. There are no fees or monetary considerations to give to pay it for free. And you do not need to create or log in to any account.