You have the powerful pen in Draw Play 3

Draw Play 3 is a unique flash game because of the objective or goal that the player will have to accomplish. But before we move on with the details, it is essential to tackle the importance of drawing as a skill in our lives. Drawing is essential in the performing arts. It is also integral in different animations and graphics because it is the basic skill to form the outline of a particular object or character who will be incorporated in an entertainment medium. It is also important for someone to express his or her feelings or emotions on a canvass or paper. Going back with Draw Play 3, this game has already gained a lot of attention and popularity from gamers around the world.

Your objective as the player in this game is pretty simple. You just have to make your character pass through all the obstacles and reach the safe zone. The only problem is that the platforms are incomplete which means you will have to draw the necessary lines or shapes to make your character pass through. Your creativity will be a big factor in your success in this game.